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The title of this new alumni blog is “The Evergreen Mind: all new, all change, all ways.” Follow the blog to read Greener Stories and stay connected to the culture, events, and news of Evergreen.

Inspiration for The Evergreen Mind

This phrase, The Evergreen Mind, is taken from a work of art created by Tim Girvin ’75 as a gift honoring first
year faculty, and awarded at Evergreen’s 40th anniversary celebration in May 2012.

Inspired by palimpsests, the work “relates to messages that lie beneath.” Tim states in his blog, it is “a holistic risk” that requires people to work, “to dig,” to uncover the layers of meaning. Tim writes: “The point related to my earliest experience at the college — which was experiment. To create a gift, I thought of a layering of attitudes, messages, some poetic recollections, meditations on the Evergreen State College.”

Tim’s reflections have shaped our aspirations for this blog—a Greener community gathering place to exchange thoughts and ideas, a space to share experiences, dig deep amid the layers and experience the Evergreen Mind.

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  1. The “Evergreen Mind” inspires motivation on my behalf to recuit others to travel my path to the Evergreen State College. Here one can experience a blow your mind adventure……..

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