Throwback Thursday!

Is it too early to “throwback” to an event that happened so recently? One month ago Evergreen inaugurated our 6th college president, George Bridges. The day of ceremonies welcomed more than 1,000 attendees including staff, students, alumni, and community members.

We were honored to be joined by five unique alumni who shared stories about their Evergreen experiences and how the college has shaped their lives.

Are you interested in speaking to a class about your career after Evergreen? Would you like to mentor a current student? Email me at today to get involved!

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    Coffee + Cookies + Sauerkraut ? Oh my !

    Only at Evergreen would this unforgettable combination of alumni-produced treats find their way into one gift bag. Thanks to Whimsy & Spice, Olykraut, and Batdorf & Bronson for donating their products to the thank-you gifts for our inauguration speakers.

    Did you miss the inauguration festivities? Catch the highlights from the day!

    Handmade shortbread cookies and marshmallows from Whimsy & Spice

    Delectible cookies were provided by Mark Sopchak ’94 and Jenna Park ’94, the husband and wife team behind Whimsy & Spice. Read more about their tempting spicy and sweet treats in The Evergreen Magazine.

    Handcrafted, fermented sauerkraut from OlyKraut

    Sash Sunday ’09, grew up in Olympia, WA and, in 2008, co-founded a sauerkraut company called OlyKraut to put her fermentation fanaticism to work building a food system that supports vibrant health and sustainable farms. Learn more about this fermentation revolution in the Cooper Point Journal.

    Batdorf & Bronson specially crafted the “Greener Blend,” which is only sold on the Evergreen campus

    Always close to the Evergreen heart is Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, located in downtown Olympia since 1986. Batdorf and Bronson has flourished in part because of the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of many Greeners who have worked at all levels of the organization over the years. View a brewing tutorial on their blog today!

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      The first Evergreen Inauguration

      On this day in 1972, Evergreen inaugurated the first college president, Charles J. McCann, Ph.D. The featured speaker at the ceremony was then Washington Governor and future Evergreen President, Daniel J. Evans.

      Tomorrow, on April 22, 2016, Evergreen will celebrate the Inauguration of George S. Bridges, Ph.D. as the sixth president of the college. We are honored to again be joined by Daniel J. Evans, who will deliver remarks during the Installation Ceremony.

      McCann Graduation

      President McCann speaking at the first Evergreen Graduation in 1972

      We hope you will join us tomorrow, April 22! You can learn more about the events and RSVP here.

      If you would like to read the complete newsletter from April 15, 1972 announcing the inauguration and other activities, click here. As always, we love to hear from our alumni community. Please share your memories or pictures of Evergreen in the comments below.

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        Throwback Thursday – Drop in to Inauguration on April 22nd!

        Drop in and join with us in the celebration and installment of George S. Bridges as the President of the College on Friday, April 22nd. The ceremony will begin at 1PM, with distinguished speakers Daniel J. Evans and Fred Goldberg.

        Daniel J. Evans – Former Washington Governor and Former Evergreen President rappels the clock tower spring 1973

        Daniel J. Evans has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to public service, and was instrumental in the founding of The Evergreen State College. As the 16th Governor of the State of Washington—a position he held for three terms from 1965 to 1977—Evans signed the legislation authorizing the formation of the college. Following his role as governor, Evans served as the second president of The Evergreen State College from 1977 to 1983. The Evergreen State College campus library is named in his honor.


        Fred Goldberg – Chair of the Evergreen Board of Trustees

        Fred Goldberg was appointed to The Evergreen State College Board of Trustees by Gov. Jay Inslee March 20, 2013. A philanthropist, Army veteran, banker and entrepreneur, Goldberg helped found Saltchuk Resources, a global logistics company, currently the largest private company in Washington State. With deep roots in Olympia, Goldberg channels his leadership commitment to community, education, and global health issues in the area. His work for the Civil Service Commission of Olympia, Providence Saint Peter Foundation, Washington Center for the Performing Arts, The Evergreen State College Foundation, and the University of Washington Alumni association is heartfelt, extensive, and impactful.

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          On this day in 1967…

          On this day in 1967, the 16th Governor of the State of Washington Daniel J. Evans signed the legislation authorizing the formation of the Evergreen State College. The state Legislature did not want “just another four year college” bound by rigid structures of tradition. Governor Dan Evans expressed the need to “unshackle our educational thinking from traditional patterns.” And so, on a beautiful piece of land on Cooper Point, Evergreen’s 1,000- acre campus and 3,000-foot Puget Sound beachfront became a living laboratory for creative and scientific inspiration and research.


          March 21st, 1967. Cabinet members join Governor Daniel J. Evans to sign legislation creating the first 4-year public college founded in the 20th century: The Evergreen State College

          Following his role as governor, Evans served as the second president of The Evergreen State College from 1977 to 1983. The Evergreen State College campus library is named in his honor.

          We are honored to have the former governor and former college president join us for the celebration and installment of George Bridges, Ph.D. as the President of the College on Friday, April 22, 2016. The weekend of activities will include an Alumni Showcase, a film screening and a Day of Service on Saturday, April 23rd.

          Learn more about this historic weekend and RSVP by clicking here!

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            An animator and an oceanographer walk into an academic program……

            Check out this short video about ocean acidification from the academic program Visualizing Microbial Seascapes: An Introduction to Marine Biology and Animation.

            The faculty team with animator Ruth Hayes and oceanographer Gerardo Lin-Cheo reminds us of great interdisciplinary teams from years past like when physicist Don Middendorf and artist Susan Aurand teamed up to teach a program on light.

            What faculty teams do you remember most vividly?

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              Meet the Alumni Showcase Hosts – April 22

              Have you sent in your RSVP for inauguration yet? Jamala Henderson ’98 and Jamie Mendez ’95 will host a series of discussions with Evergreen alumni as part of the celebration and installment of George Bridges, Ph.D. as the President of the College on Friday April 22nd, 2016.

              Read more about the weekend of events here!

              Jamala Henderson ‘98 has worked at Seattle’s 94.9 FM KUOW since 2004. During that time she’s held a variety of positions including weekend announcer, storytelling producer, and most recently news anchor and reporter. At Evergreen, she focused on film, video, and media studies and went on to work at University of Washington’s television station, UWTV. After a short stint as a volunteer radio host at KBCS public radio in Bellevue, she took the position of broadcaster at the Evergreen Radio Reading Service, a radio reading service for the blind. Henderson is known for her in-depth interviewing and storytelling, news reporting, and radio broadcasting.

              Learn more about Jamala here!


              Jamala Henderson ’98

              In 2007, Jaime Méndez ‘95 joined Univision Seattle as anchor and reporter and today hosts Seattle’s only Spanish language nightly local newscast, “Noticias Univision Seattle.” With a passion for soccer, Méndez also enjoys a role as co-host of the show Sounders FC en Acción and is the announcer for select Sounders FC matches in Spanish. He got his start in broadcasting at Evergreen’s KAOS community radio station, where he launched his own two-hour program, featuring talk, music, and guest appearances in both Spanish and English.

              Learn more about Jaime here!


              Jaime Mendez ’95

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                Honoring Willi Unsoeld’s Legacy

                Willi Unsoeld leads a tour

                Pictured above leading early Evergreen students on a special campus tour, Willi Unsoeld was a pioneering mountaineer whose first ascent of Everest’s West Ridge made him a legend.

                After his passing, donors established The Willi Unsoeld Seminar Series to honor his work and memory.

                This year’s event ties to Willi’s guiding philosophy that “the ultimate goal of all education is to help people treat each other better.”  Dr. Deepa Kumar will present on the topic “In Search of Monsters to Destroy”: Islamophobia, the War on Terror and US Imperialism. The event is set for Thursday, February 25 at 6:30 the Evergreen Longhouse.

                Learn more and make your plan to attend. 

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                  A Special Throwback Thursday from Tim Girvin ’75



                  The Handmade Journey | Calligraphy

                  caligraphy photo 1

                  Sometimes you go back to go forward

                  There’s a noun that is oftentimes used in contemporary parlance: “creatives,” as a description for those that work in creative and maker space. It’s an interesting idea, using an adjective as a noun, but it works. I was sitting at a “excellence dinner” at the creatives table.

                  I looked around and wondered — “these are creatives. So in what manner and how?” I talked to each of them to learn more — a scientist, a professor, a leader and a theorist. I suppose that works, to each creative, their own pathway of


                  But it made me wonder about creative journey and curiosity. In the storytelling of our lives, we look back to the points of inspiration and magical points of inception — collisions of ideas, people, good fortune and open-minded exploration and expansion, when things began to click in a way that sparks the ignition of a new universe. As a child, as a budding draftsman, I practiced along with another stellar TESC graduate, Jim Cox. He and I used to draw in my basement in Spokane, on the floor — inspired science fictional visions — each scribbled drawing accompanied by sound effects in

                  its making.

                  That set a course of the hand for me, the hand-made, and that which the mind can dream and the wrist can bring forth to a state of personal aliveness. I kept at it. And even later, I continued drawing — my assignments and reports in school mixed with text and illustrations, shining stories and ideas. That idea of linking text — words in storytelling with pictures in visual narration continued to evolve. Curiosity lent direction — I’d keep moving out, to new stories, new


                  and historical re-imaginings.

                  These became books.

                  From the books came other studies.

                  Like — “what is the history of how these were made?” As I walked back down those pathways — my heart opened.

                  That was one opening.

                  And there were others.

                  And that’s the point — there are moments in your life when your heart flowers, it opens up to a learning, an idea, an

                  inspiration and it lies — opened — and forever altered.

                  That link for me — words and drawings, combined, led me all the way to high school and college. At New College [Sarasota, FLA,] before Evergreen I studied marine biology and comparative physiology. I made science project journals

                  — drawings and lettering.

                  writing 2

                  With a sidebar in medieval History.
                  If you study the history of the book, then you examine the paleography of the evolution of the scripted word, then you reach further. With that, knowing more, I made another flowering point in meeting Lloyd Reynolds, a kind of maestro of the calligraphic arts at Reed College; I’d drive down there in Ruby, my 1959 Red Dodge Pickup — hang out at Reed, Lloyd’s house, Portland, browse his fabulous library.

                  Steve Jobs for one, credits him with being his typographical mentor in embodying the design of font systems at Apple. And that is how, too, I met and worked with Mr. Jobs —

                  through that flowering. 

                  But this is slightly before my time at Evergreen — I was focused on one fluid craft — the calligraphy of the Italian Renaissance, a kind of exemplar of classical intention, flowing and lively — the epitome of muscular movement of the hand, in a tradition and transition of nearly 2,000 years of evolution, the 16th century to be exact. And that arrival came at the transformation of hundreds of hands — calligraphic handwritings — that coursed from pre-Christian Greece, through Imperial Rome, through the Carolingian Renaissance, the dark ages of Medieval Europe, the age of the Italian Humanists — and finally, the Italian Renaissance of the 14th-16th centuries. I drew them all on great rolls of butcher paper from the Graphics Lab at TESC.

                  But I wasn’t looking for duplication of paleo-scripts — I was looking to illustrate language, to make it shine. I went to Japan, Oxford and Cambridge, to NYC, to Moscow, looking, exploring, learning and sharing — at the feet of masters of design, lettering arts, calligraphy, book design and signage.

                  That journey was a cumulative gathering that spoke to rekindling and teaching small workshops at The Evergreen State College, as a way to help with my student expenses.

                  writing 3

                  How that journey might be extended lies in the notion of what, and which, opens the heart of the flowers of discovering.

                  Now, decades later, I teach other students, designers at Girvin,  the brand strategy and design firm.

                  writing 4

                  writing 5

                  This year, for Girvin, that’s 40 years of work.

                  And The Evergreen State College, for me, it was, and is, about discovering — and recovering — those flowers of


                  the foliation of ideas, the instances of opening.

                  Life changes — forever.

                  writing 6

                  What happens is that once

                  that cultivation starts, it continues,

                  if you’re listening.

                  I go back,

                  I go forward.

                  Looking for the patterning of flowers

                  that have opened my heart.

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                    Throwback Thursday

                    Fun at the Formal

                    An Evergreen formal in 1975

                    The minimal accompanying caption for this image left me wondering, what formal happened at Evergreen in 1972? Did you attend this dance or do you know the fancy folks in this photo? I would love to hear from you!

                    2/1/2016 Update: We had a great response from our Facebook community and a comment from the man pictured! Hap Freund wrote, “Yes, of course that is me and my lovely wife of 36+ years, Claudia Chotzen. I think this was taken in 1975. I came to Evergreen in the fall of 1973, met Claudia in 1974. The other person is Claudia’s life-long friend Diane Berger (was Diane Hucks). The ‘occasion’ was an Evergreen prom. Probably the only time I wore a suit during my time at Evergreen!”

                    Next month you can don your best threads and join us at The Art of Living on February 20th from 5:30pm-9:00pm at The Hotel Murano in Downtown Tacoma. Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Annual Scholarship Fund to support Evergreen students in pursuing their dreams and create opportunities for those without means.

                    Click here to register today!


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