Taylor Rose Nations ’12: Greener on Mars?

Taylor Rose Nations '12

Taylor Rose Nations ’12

Taylor Rose Nations ’12 is one of 663 finalists in consideration to colonize Mars. The search, which began in 2013, started with over 200,000 applicants. The mission, which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars, is called Mars One. Crews of four will depart every two years, starting in 2024. Continue reading

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    Evergreen Students Take Eighth Place in National Cyber Security Competition

    Last weekend, a team of four computer science students from The Evergreen State College traveled to New York, where they participated in the annual Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) at New York University’s (NYU) Polytechnic School of Engineering. The team, GNU E-Ducks, named for the Evergreen mascot, the Geoduck, and the GNU open source software movement, became Top-15 finalists in a pool of 300 college teams. The top 15 teams met in Brooklyn Thursday, November 13 through Saturday, November 15, and solved numerous cyber security puzzles, from reverse engineering to cryptography, in a game of virtual “Capture the Flag.” The Evergreen team took eighth place in the national competition, dubbed the world’s biggest student cyber security contest. Continue reading

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      Greener Scientists: Mike Hickerson ’93

      Mike Hickerson spoke with me on the phone from his lab in New York on September 10th. This is the first installment in a series called Greener Scientists.


      Mike Hickerson

      Mike Hickerson

      Mike Hickerson ’93 didn’t always want to be a scientist.
      At various points in his life, he’s wanted to be a hobo (many of us can relate) or a sustainable designer. After delivering pizzas and living out of his station wagon, he jumped into the only interesting program he could get into as a new Evergreen student, Great Books, and studied classic works of Western Civilization before taking the plunge into Molecule to Organism and Individual Learning Contacts (ILCs) with Steve Herman and Betty Kutter. While he recalls many of his classmates wanted to become doctors, he was motivated “less by fixing what didn’t work and more by wanting to know how things did work.” Continue reading

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        Foster Teens Find Ally in Ann Whiting ‘85

        Ann Whiting '85

        Ann Whiting ’85

        Ann Whiting ’85 has been a Child Welfare Worker for four years, serving youth between ages 15 and 21 in Alameda County, California. While Ann works for the county, much of the job involves coordinating with local non-profit care providers, and, of course, the legal system. Just two days before Ann was back on Evergreen’s Olympia campus for Return to Evergreen, Continue reading

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          Willi Unsoeld Seminar Series – Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Author to Speak October 30

          “You go to nature for an experience of the sacred…to re-establish your contact with the core of things,…  to enable you to come back to the world of people and operate more effectively.”

          -Willi Unsoeld

          Renowned for his book, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story, Mark Bittner is the first speaker in the Willi Unsoeld Seminar Series at The Evergreen State College, on October 30. Continue reading

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            Inkwell 9: Meet the Writers

            The front cover of a book. It has a grey background with a black repeating geometric design and says "Inkwell 9"

            Inkwell 9: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen

            [Writing for Inkwell gave me] a sense that my words and my story matter to someone beyond myself. I think it also helped me to help others in their writing—to ask more questions that could lead to greater levels of inquiry into self, into language.
            - Roxana Bell, Inkwell author

            The newest edition of Inkwell: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen is done!

            In this article, Writing Center Publications Editor Thane Fay met with four of this year’s Inkwell authors to talk about their experiences writing for the publication, what they hope the Evergreen community will take from their pieces, and their goals now as alumni.

            You can pick up a free copy of Inkwell 9 at the Writing Center, read the digital version online, or come to InkFest: Wednesday October 15th, from 1-3 p.m. in the Olympia campus library lobby!

            Read the full author interviews here.

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              Derek King ’14: Saving the World One Oyster at a Time

              Derek King '14 representing Puget Sound Restoration Fund at an Olympia festival

              Derek King ’14 representing Puget Sound Restoration Fund at an Olympia festival. Photo Credit- Shayna Brooks

              Author’s Note: As a student at The Evergreen State College from 2011-2014, I was a co-coordinator of the Evergreen Shellfish Club. We both proudly graduated in March 2014.

              Later this month, Derek King ’14 will present at the annual Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association national conference in Vancouver, WA. A Program Technician with Puget Sound Restoration Fund, it’s no coincidence King is at the cutting edge of his field despite just being out of school. While he started with an environmental visual journalism focus, the common thread among his work and play was always the ocean. Continue reading

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                Writing in Collaboration: The Student Editors Who Create Inkwell

                This is the second article exploring the Inkwell project and how students, faculty, and alumni can benefit from its influence on Evergreen’s writing culture. The first article of this series introduced the history of Inkwell at Evergreen.


                Four students sitting together at a round table looking at a piece of writing. In the background is a colorful mural featuring abstract designs of letters from different alphabets.

                The editorial board (from left to right: Matt Turner ’15, Nicole Christian ’14, and Mary Kallem ’14) working with writer Katelyn Peters ’14.

                The Inkwell process begins each fall. Over the course of the school year and countless hours of meetings, Inkwell’s editors and writers—the student tutors at the Writing Center—hone their skills, developing articles from still-forming ideas into the finished versions that appear on paper.

                In this interview, Publications Editor Thane Fay ’13 sat down with Inkwell editorial board members Mary Kallem ’14 and Matt Turner ’15 to discuss their experience with the project.

                “Inkwell [is] a process that I immediately identified as something that would enrich my experience not only as a student, writer, and tutor, but as a human who values collaborative engagement.” – Matt Turner

                Inkwell is a publication born out of Evergreen and the Writing Center’s unique approaches to collaborative learning, student empowerment, and linking theory to practice. The in-depth cooperation between Inkwell’s writers and editors reflects the Writing Center’s value that all writers, no matter their skill level, can benefit from supportive and comprehensive guidance from their peers. With articles centered around the experiences of student writers, Inkwell serves as a fulcrum for conversations about writing at Evergreen.

                “Unlike other publications, I don’t think Inkwell’s ‘final result’ is the published artifact that sits on my shelf. The ‘results’ I’m in it for are the benefits the Evergreen community gets from reading it: the circulation of grassroots knowledge gleaned from working with students.” – Mary Kallem

                Keep your eyes out for Inkwell 9, coming soon in Fall of 2014. You can read digital copies of past editions of Inkwell on the Writing Center’s website, or find physical copies in the Evergreen Archives.

                Read the full interview here.

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