The Greeners Behind Our Cities Gather in Seattle

Jennifer Gerend Ph.D AICP welcomes alumni and friends

Jennifer Gerend welcomes alumni and friends

On April 18, 2015, Evergreen faculty member Jennifer Gerend Ph.D AICP hosted a gathering of The Greeners Behind Our Cities: alumni, friends, and several of her most promising urban planning students. Over thirty attended the event at the Tap House Grill, located within walking distance of the American Planning Association’s national conference at the Washington State Convention Center.

Alumni and friends enjoying remarks from one of Jennifer Gerend's urban planning students

Alumni and friends enjoying remarks from one of Jennifer Gerend’s urban planning students

About an hour into the event, the clink of a glass drew Greener’s attention away from small group conversation, steak skewers, crab cakes, 14 Hands wine and other delectable appetizers and drinks to Jennifer’s opening remarks. She shared a multitude of exciting field trips, class readings and guest speakers her planning programs have experienced over the years, since joining Evergreen’s faculty in 2008, and introduced several of her recent and current students:

Acacia Weeks, Carlos Gemora '15, Alex Shields and Shira Moch '14

Acacia Weeks, Carlos Gemora ’15, Alex Shields and Shira Moch ’14

– Shira Moch ’14 studied with Jennifer and Ralph Murphy before being accepted into the first year of Evergreen’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program, doing research for the same faculty in 2013. Shira, who is currently a session aid to Washington State Senator and Evergreen Adjunct Faculty Karen Fraser, announced that she will begin graduate school at UCLA in urban planning this coming fall.
– Carlos Gemora ’15 also studied with Jennifer and Ralph, during which time he also started a planning internship with the City of Tumwater. When his internship ended, Carlos was offered a full time position in planning with the city, which he continues to hold today. Carlos will begin graduate school at Cornell University in urban planning this fall.
– Will Hamlin also studied with Jennifer, and while still a current undergraduate student,  he has begun a full-time position with Pacific County as one of their two staff planners.

Gil Kelley '79 begins introductions

Gil Kelley ’79 begins introductions

Following those special introductions, Jennifer asked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves and what brought them to the event , which encouraged some of the evening’s many highlights. Introductions started with Gil Kelley ’79, Director of Citywide Planning for the City of San Francisco. Gil noted the strange circumstance that the latest Evergreen Magazine, stacked on the table behind him, bared him on its cover. A former classmate of Kelley’s, Michael Bergstrom ’75, was also in attendance. They reminisced on the paths they’ve taken since doing the same life-changing planning internship as Evergreen students in the 1970s.

Rita Robison '75, MPA '91 introduces herself to the group

Rita Robison ’75, MPA ’91 introduces herself to the group

There were also several graduates of Evergreen’s Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program in attendance: Rita Robison ’75 MPA ’91 and Lynn Scroggins MPA ’97. Rita has since retired, and was joined by fellow retiree and long-time Olympia City Council member Holly Gadbaw, while Lynn works for the Nisqually Indian Tribe.

From left to right: Alayna Rose Leibman, Rita Robison '75 MPA '91, Mick Arieta, Christine Nelson, Deborah Johnson '89, Ann Marie Crane '00, David Wagner '90

From left to right: Alayna Rose Leibman, Rita Robison ’75 MPA ’91, Mick Arieta, Christine Nelson, Deborah Johnson ’89, Ann Marie Crane ’00, David Wagner ’90

There were several Greeners new to the planning and development world, including Lynn Schneider ’88 and husband/wife David Wagner ’90 and Ann Marie Crane ’00. Lynn has just started a job with King County, while David and Ann are new to the Seattle real estate industry. As developers, David and Ann were well received by the lively group of planners.

Alayna Rose Leibman, Alex Shields and Acacia Weeks talk about Evergreen's new urban planning student club

Alayna Rose Leibman, Alex Shields and Acacia Weeks talk about Evergreen’s new urban planning student club

There were countless other stories from the group, and their conversations will undoubtedly continue, both professionally and personally. It was a memorable evening of engaging conversation, new friends, and great connections among students and alumni, colleagues, and old classmates. Some alumni will go on to serve as mentors, internship sponsors and employers of the students and recent graduates in the room. Some will rekindle friendships, and others will use new connections in their professional lives.

Jennifer Gerend Ph.D AICP

Jennifer Gerend Ph.D AICP

All in all, it was a celebratory evening for The Greeners Behind Our Cities and the passionate, systems and interdisciplinary thinking they bring to their work. A very special thank you to Jennifer Gerend, not only for her collaboration in planning the event but for carrying on Evergreen’s evident legacy of educating future planners.


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    It’s About Time: Big Idea event series kicks off at Three Magnets in Olympia

    Greg Mullins speaks at April's Big Idea

    Greg Mullins speaks at April’s Big Idea

    Over thirty alumni and friends gathered on Wednesday night after work at Three Magnets Brewing Company for the first installment of the Big Idea event series. Representing the classes of 1974, 2015, and every class in between, a lively crowd gathered on the month’s third Wednesday for April’s Big Idea.

    Alumni and friends at April's Big Idea

    Alumni and friends at April’s Big Idea

    Three Magnets Brewing Company, owned and operated by two Evergreen alumni, Nate and Sarah Reilly ’01, served their house-brewed beers and made-from-scratch pub fare to Greeners in the Barrel Room, the restaurant’s event space.

    Faculty members Greg Mullins, Shaw Osha and Trevor Speller started the conversation with a short talk, which was inspired by their team-taught program, It’s About Time. They shared reflections on how technology has revolutionized our relation to time, including anecdotes and readings from their experiences asking their students to unplug from the internet, use typewriters rather than computers, and approach art and literature SLOWLY. After their thought- and laughter-provoking talk, everyone truly was talking about time.

    We hope alumni and friends will join us for the next Big Idea, a talk by Evergreen faculty Nancy Koppelman ’88, inspired by her program What Are Children For?.

    Did you attend? Or wish you had? Join the conversation by commenting below.

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      Legislative Updates – Higher Education Impacts

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      Read regular updates from Evergreen’s Office of Governmental Relations.

      On Wednesday April 7, the Washington Senate passed a proposed biennial operating budget  and on April 8 released a proposed biennial capital budget  The Senate’s capital budget provides funding for several projects across higher education, authorizing $923.7 million ($558.7 million state bonds) in higher education facilities in the next biennium.

      On Friday, March 27, the Washington State House of Representatives released proposed 2015-2017 biennial operating and capital budgets, which include funding for higher education. This follows the release of Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed 2015-17 Operating and Capital budgets on December 18, 2014.

      Check out the Senate and House Budget and Funding Proposals

      Evergreen Operating Budget Request

      Impact on Higher Education and The Evergreen State College

      The proposed Senate Capital Budget provides funding for several projects across higher education. This includes funding for three projects at Evergreen – Lecture Hall Renovation Construction, Lab I Basement Construction funding, and Seminar I Renovation Predesign.  The budget also provides authorization to purchase the Tacoma Campus property.

      In addition the budget includes funds to support facilities preservation, minor works, and preventative facility maintenance and building system repairs.

      Overall the budget supports Evergreen’s focus and commitment to responsible stewardship of our public facilities and infrastructure to meet current technological needs and demands, and to provide the needed facilities and infrastructure to provide a quality educational experience for students.

      The proposed Capital Budget from the Washington House includes funding for three projects at Evergreen: Lecture Hall Renovation Construction, Lab I Basement Construction, and Seminar I Renovation pre-design. The budget also provides authorization to purchase the Evergreen Tacoma Campus property. In addition, the budget includes funds to support facilities preservation, minor works, preventative facility maintenance and building system repairs.

      The proposed Operating Budget from the Washington House provides $257 million for financial aid, a tuition freeze $253 million for state and higher education employee compensation and benefits, an increase in funding for the State Need Grant by $53 million and $60 million to provide the state’s match for the Washington Opportunity Scholarship Program. For Evergreen, the proposed Operating Budget freezes tuition for undergraduate, resident students for the biennium, while providing $2.954 million to offset the tuition freeze. The budget also provides Evergreen $750,000 in the second year of the biennium to expand student advising and support services that lead to increased degree completion. The proposed budget does not provide funds to eliminate the student backlog in computer science at Evergreen, which is currently at 50-75 students.

      Greeners joined forces with alumni from Washington's four-year baccalaureates to speak to legislators about investment in higher education.  Photo - Julie Garver, 2/18/15

      Greeners joined forces with alumni from Washington’s four-year baccalaureates to speak to legislators about investment in higher education. Photo – Julie Garver, 2/18/15

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      In the News

      From the Seattle Times: Record Year for Applications to State’s Universities

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        LinkedIn and Come Together in Purchase

        lynda weinman Plato lecture-3-1 (2)

        Lynda Weinman 1976 speaks at Evergreen

        “What Evergreen teaches is ‘find what you’re interested in and impress us.’ The whole emphasis is on finding your calling, finding what moves you, finding your passion.”

        Lynda Weinman, Evergreen alumna (1976) and co-founder and executive chair of the board of, just acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.

        The LA Times and Money reported today that, the online learning company created by Lynda Weinman ’76 and her husband, Bruce Heavin, has been sold to LinkedIn for $1.5 billion.

        Lynda epitomizes the power of interdisciplinary education. After graduating from Evergreen, Weinman opened two retail shops in California and later became an animator for the movie business. This move led to an early fascination with personal computers, which she embraced for her animation work, and, from there, she began teaching computer graphics and writing how-to books. Finally she started the online learning business

        Evergreen’s emphasis on adaptability, problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking has led many alumni to stunning success in a wide range of fields. Lynda Weinman is a great example.

        Evergreen congratulates Lynda on her success. We are grateful for Lynda and Bruce’s support over these many years and wish them well as their next adventure unfolds.



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          Alumni Gather in Portland, Oregon

          The sign-in hub at Greeners after Work: Portland on March 31, 2015

          The sign-in hub at Greeners after Work: Portland on March 31, 2015

          Over thirty alumni and friends gathered on Tuesday night at the Lucky Lab Tap Room, on a day that brought hail, rain and sunshine to The City Of Roses. From the classes of 1975 to 2014, a lively crowd gathered on March 31, 2015, for the event Greeners After Work: Portland.

          With micro brews, pizza and salad in hand, Greeners shared stories, made connections, and came together for an evening that built excitement for Evergreen and what’s next for the alumni that live and work in the Portland area. Continue reading

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            Education, and Kindness, is Life for Andy Smallman ’88

            Andy Smallman

            Andy Smallman

            “Why did I have to wait until college to get an Evergreen style education”? That’s been the driving question Andy Smallman ‘88 has been asking since becoming a teacher, and then co-founder of Puget Sound Community School (PSCS), an independent, progressive private middle and high school in Seattle.

            Despite doing well in a traditional high school himself – the Seattle-area native was told “you can go to any college you want” – Smallman didn’t apply anywhere initially, and ended up in Alaska as a disk jockey at a small radio station. From there, he studied audio engineering in Ohio, sold used records in Seattle, and worked for the Daily Racing Form. It was during this time that a friend suggested Smallman was well-suited to volunteer helping kids. A year later, he was honored with Match of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound and knew he was destined to work with children. That’s when he started to look at colleges. Continue reading

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              Provost Michael Zimmerman Shares Insights from Washington High Schooler’s Winning Essays on Liberal Arts

              Michael Zimmerman Ph.D

              Michael Zimmerman Ph.D

              Evergreen’s Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Michael Zimmerman Ph.D, is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Zimmerman is also a founder of WaCLA, the Washington Consortium for the Liberal Arts.

              Last week, the organization announced the three winners of the contest. Read more for Zimmerman’s piece, in which he shares insights from the award winning essays.

              Continue reading

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                That Time When Matt Groening Was On Portlandia

                The Peabody Award winning satirical sketch comedy show, Portlandia, finished up its fifth season just a couple weeks ago. Episode 43 in the latest season was particularly notable for Evergreen.
                The episode, titled “Fashion”, which aired on February 12, 2015, featured a guest star a few of us may know: Matt Groening ’77. Of course, Carrie Brownstein ’98 is one of the show’s two stars, and a co-creator, so for those of you who already watch the show this is just a fun blast to the past. But in this episode, jump straight to 19:15 (the scene starts at 18:25) to hear a mention of Matt Groening going to “Evergreen State”. Then, watch the whole episode, in which one of Fred Armisen’s characters, Spyke, faces trial for making unlicensed Bart Simpson merchandise.

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                  Original Portland Timber Player and food pod pioneer Roger Goldingay ’73 looks back on 40 years

                  Roger Goldingay. Photo Credit: Doug Beghtel/The Oregonian

                  Roger Goldingay. Photo Credit: Doug Beghtel/The Oregonian

                  The Oregonian interviewed Roger Goldingay ’73, an original player for the Portland Timbers professional soccer team and revered Portland food pod pioneer, for their March 19 issue. Read the interview, during which they discuss the Evergreen graduate’s decision to come to Portland, his friendship with Bill Walton and the growth of soccer in the Pacific Northwest.

                  Roger Goldingay has been featured in the Evergreen Magazine, for the spring 2011 issue, in an article titled “The Patron of Curbside Cuisine”, and is a member of the Evergreen Author’s Directory for his book “Never Look Back”.

                  We can be grateful he did look back, at least this one time, for the forty year anniversary of The Portland Timbers. A lot has changed in forty years: in Portland, for Evergreen, for professional soccer and for Roger Goldingay.

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                    Gallery Fotoland at Evergreen presents Nichole DeMent ’02, “Oracle”

                    Nichole DeMent’s process starts with printing a photograph onto Japanese rice paper, which is then infused with beeswax. She further transforms the piece by collaging and painting over it, creating a multi textured, delicately transparent “visceral topography” as she puts it. “By taking risks with paint, wax, and other media,” DeMent says, she allows her “creative subconscious the freedom to play, dream and inevitably teach me about my own human story.”

                    Nichole DeMent: Oracle

                    Nichole DeMent: Oracle

                    Beginning April 8 and running through May 15, DeMent’s “Oracle” series will be on display in Photoland‘s exhibition space, on the first floor of the Daniel J. Evan’s Library at The Evergreen State College.

                    DeMent received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College in 2002 with an emphasis in Fine Art Photography and Art History. Her work can be found at SAM Gallery and Waterworks Gallery in the San Juan Islands. She works currently as the Executive Director for Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle.

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