Phaeocrytopus gaeumannii

Description: Swiss needle cast is a fungus that infects the needles of Douglas-fir trees.  The needles turn yellow and brown.  This species is partial to cool and moist conditions commonly found in the spring around here, and the needles of the host will usually fall off during the summer.  In severe cases, only the new fall needles will be present right after the summer.


Identification:  There are other pathogenic organisms that create needle damage that is aesthetically similar to that of Swiss needle cast, however the black pseudothecia found on the underside of the needles is an exclusive characteristic of this species.

Pseudothecia appear as black spots on the undersides of Douglas-fir needles.  If you see this, than you definitely have Swiss needle cast on your hands!

Hosts: Just Douglas-fir.


Distribution:  Common throughout our region.



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