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Job Title: Academic Research Fellow

Location: Telecommute or Portland, OR

Duration: 10 weeks (5 weeks between 7/15/2013 – 8/15/2013 and 5 weeks between 9/15/2013 – 10/15/2013). Anticipate two sets of 3 weeks of field work (full days) followed by 2 weeks of data analysis and reporting. Expected Start Date: TBD

Department(s): GIS



The Freshwater Trust is a 501(c) (3) non-for-profit that actively works to preserve and restore our freshwater ecosystems. The Freshwater Trust has a history of doing science-based restoration projects that improve the health of our freshwater ecosystems. We do on-the-ground restoration projects on rivers and streams in Oregon. A restoration project usually means returning a river to its natural state – adding large logs to create spawning pools for native fish or planting trees along the riverbeds to create shade and reduce the water’s temperature. We also work with willing landowners to keep more water in our rivers and streams. The Freshwater Trust is developing a model for offsetting regulated entities’ temperature compliance requirements through solar radiation load reduction. The Water Quality Trading program is a way to drive river and stream restoration at a pace and scale far beyond the reach of philanthropic and grant dollars alone. It is a way to benefit both the economy and the environment while addressing our nation’s mounting water quality issues. We are currently seeking a fellow to help us answer the following research question: Is the current configuration for our solar loading model, allowing us to accurately predict solar radiation loads being received by the stream under baseline and restored conditions? We hope to answer this question by conducting an on the ground calibration of our model, using statistically valid quantitative measurements involving approximately 15 to 20 test sites.


Position Responsibilities

The student will be responsible for leading the experimental design and project management (engaging with contractor/vendors, timelines and deliverables). The student will also be responsible for all data management, analysis and reporting associated with the study. Moderate supervision (including guidance with design, and QA/QC) and training will be provided. The Student will have a chance to collaborate with TFT’s GIS Manager and Ecosystem Services Analyst. The student will report to the GIS Manager.


Minimum Skills and Qualifications:

• Field experience working in rivers and riparian areas • Sampling methods • Experimental design • GIS • GPS • Photosynthetic active radiation meter (PAR) • Solar Pathfinder • Data analysis skills using statistics


Position Type: Fellow

Compensation: $150 per week stipend (to be paid at the end of each 5 week term) Application Instructions: • Supply the Following Documents: Cover Letter and Resume • Submit required information and documentation to


Please, no phone inquiries about this position. The Freshwater Trust is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection of candidates for employment on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status, sex, disability or legal source of income.