The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) invites applications for three exciting new Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities scheduled to start in August 2017. Applicants should submit their CV and a detailed cover letter by May 18. A follow-up proposal will be requested of qualifying applicants at the end of May.


·       SESYNC Postdoctoral Fellowship – Supply Chain Commitments

Applicants will propose ideas for a data synthesis or modeling project to assess effectiveness of zero-deforestation commitments in in South America. More information can be found at

·       SESYNC-Microsoft Postdoctoral Fellowship – Big Data and Socio-Environmental Sustainability

Applicants are expected to use one or more assets developed by Microsoft which include a high-resolution land-cover dataset of the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound Watersheds, and a variety of data collected on the presence, genetics, and environmental conditions for mosquitos and their hosts. More information is posted online at

·       SESYNC-RTI Postdoctoral Fellowship – Modeling the Impacts of Climate Variability on the Nutritional Value of Crops and Potential Effects on Human Health and Well-being

Applicants will propose a project that characterizes and models the complex dynamics between climate variability, nutrition, and human health. Dr. Robert Beach of the Research Triangle Institute will be their primary Collaborating Mentor. More information is online at