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Position: Research Technician

Pay: $13-$15/hour depending on qualifications

Duration: Seasonal, June 15-September 15, 2019

Hours: 10 hours/week

Housing: Overnight housing available

College Internship Opportunity!

This position serves as a seasonal team member at 10KYI to support research and restoration efforts on invasive plants in western Olympic Peninsula watersheds. Under supervision, this position will drive, hike, and/or boat to project sites, and work in teams to implement research efforts on non-native plants that cause harm to native forested watershed ecosystems.

The focus of this position will be assisting with research efforts for three main projects here at 10KYI:

1)How Scotch broom affects riparian plant communities, soil structure, moisture, and nutrient composition

2)Establishing a long-term monitoring program investigating how reed canarygrass affects water speed, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and sediment accumulation

3)Managing invasive plant populations by pulling, cutting, or treating invasive plants

Perfect opportunity for a student who wants to keep a lucrative summer job while getting valuable field research experience in a dynamic environment.

Minimum Requirements:

High School diploma

Interest in forest ecology

Must be able to hike on uneven terrain and carry gear while hiking

Must be able to read, write, and record data

Consistent access to working, all-wheel drive vehicle

Job Duties Include, but are not limited to:

Use GPS units to navigate forested and river floodplain areas of the western Olympic Peninsula

Use data collection apps on a smartphone or tablet to collect spatial data about plants

Assist in data collection for various research efforts, mainly pertaining to Scotch broom and reed canarygrass

Document growth of native riparian species and soil structure where Scotch broom is and is not present

Support Scotch broom research using soil moisture data loggers, collecting soil cores and samples, and evaluating Scotch-broom associated moss masses

Set-up of long-term monitoring sites (rebar installation and site characterization) for reed canarygrass research

Contribute to data collection effort for reed canarygrass research including using a DO meter, flow meter, HOBO tidbit software

Assist in establishing and testing standard operating procedures for new equipment

Cutting, pulling, and treating invasive plant populations

Desired Requirements

At least 1 year college experience in natural resources, forestry, fisheries, aquatic ecology, or a related field

Experience navigating using maps, aerial photos, and/or GPS, especially in the western Olympic Peninsula

Familiar with water and/or soil quality monitoring equipment

To Apply:

Qualified and interested applicants should forward a cover letter, résumé, and a list of three professional references to 10,000 Years Institute at P.O. Box 1081, Forks, WA 98331, or by email to jobs@10000yearsinstitute.orgPlease reference Research Technician in the subject line.