Final Call for Papers: “Handbook of  Wildlife Fires: Monitoring, Control and Management under a Changing Climate”
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Wildland fires are fires which commonly occur in rural areas, characterised by burning of combustible vegetation in association to prolonged dry
spells. Wildfires may also take place by means of uncontrolled burning of forest areas as a result of illegal logging practices. Whether man-made
or resulting from natural conditions, there has been a noticeable growth in both the frequency and intensity of wildfire, whose occurrence is
also associated with changing climatic conditions. Whether in the Amazon, African and Asian rainforests, in European and North American forests or in the Australian bushes,  wildfires have become a matter of global concern. This concern is also based on the fact that, apart from the human suffering caused by
losses of properties and income and damages to wildlife, wildfires are leading to changes in landscapes in some parts of the world.
The importance of wildfires and the fact that they are very present and have become a matter of major societal relevance, outline the need for
publications which tackle the issues of monitoring, control and management, under a climate change perspective.  Based on the perceived need to
address this gap, the “Handbook of  Wildlife Fires: Monitoring, Control and Management under a Changing Climate” is being prepared.
The publication, prepared by the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme is well advanced, but we thought we should
give colleagues who missed the original information about it, with an opportunity to contribute. This invitation will not work for those who may start preparing a paper from scratch now, but could be interested to team who have already done some work, and who could produce a manuscript
until the end of October 2020.
Expressions of interest to contribute to the “Handbook of Wildlife Fires: Monitoring, Control and Management under a Changing Climate”
initially consisting of a 200 words abstract – containing all contact details of the authors(s)- are now being invited.They should be sent to: as soon as possible but no later than the 20th September 2020. Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit full papers, which are due by the 30th October 2020.
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