Located in Library 1404, the MML is open for all currently enrolled students, staff and faculty who would like to create multimedia content for academic purposes. The MML offers resources for non-linear video editing, audio multi-tracking, 2-D animation, web design, graphical programming environments and 3-D modeling.  The MML is available to all students for academic work but the three 24-hour Non-Linear Video Editing suites require a proficiency test.

The MML has 13 Mac Pro Towers running OS X 10.6. In addition there is a VHS/DVD conversion station. For a more details on the equipment and software see the Lab Information page of the MML wiki.

If you would like more information or need to schedule time in the MML call us at 360-867-5455. You may also call the front desk of Electronic Media at 360-867-6270.

For addtional information visit the MML wiki or read the MML Lab Use Guidelines (PDF).