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In the Multimedia Lab

Main Stations


The MML has 13 main stations that are Mac Pro 3.5 GHz 6-core processors, 32 GB of Ram and dual video card with 3GB's of VRAM each.


  • Each station has dual 22" LCD monitors.
  • Speakers and headphones.
  • Memory card readers
  • USB 3 hub.
  • 2 Stations have DV-CAM decks


  • Software includes OS X 10.12, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Digital Performer 9, Ableton Live and Max/MSP 6.
  • The Software List article has more information.

Conversion Station

The Conversion Station is an older Mac Pro tower that is set up with some extra applications not available on the other stations..

Analog capturing

  • It has a DVD player and VHS deck connected to a firewire converter box.
  • This station also has a cassette deck and a turntable hooked up to a mixer.

Final Cut Pro

This computer has Final Cut Studio 3 which includes Final Cut Pro 7 and DVD Studio Pro.

Transfer Station

  • The Transfer Station can be used to transfer between a variety of formats: VHS, DVD, and DV-Cam.
  • More information is available here.

Outside of the MML

Video Editing Suites

  • The three Video Editing suites are 27" Retina iMacs with quad 4.0 GHz I7 processors and 24 GB of Ram.
  • They are in their own rooms around the corner from the MML in L1522, L1524 and L1526.
  • The Video suites require a proficiency for use which can be scheduled with the MML Intern. Cal 360-867-5455.
  • Once proficient students can schedule time and check out keys from Media Loan. Each suite has larger speakers and an audio mixer connected connected to the computer's audio input.

Audio Mixing Benches

  • The Audio Mixing Benches are the introductory level audio facilities.
  • Each lab has a mixer and a Mac Pro computer for digital audio editing.
  • The software includes Peak for basic editing and Digital Performer and Pro Tools for multi-track production.
  • The Mixing Benches do require a proficiency test.
  • Students can schedule time and checkout keys from Media Loan.

Animation Labs

  • There are two 2D labs and a 3D lab
  • Specific information is available at the Animation website.

Computer Center Media Stations

  • There are two media station in the Computer Center.
  • They are Mac Pro towers with dual 2.8 GHz quad core processors and 12 GB of Ram.
  • They have the same software as the Multimedia Lab.
  • One has a DV deck and a NTSC video monitor.