Week 8 Reflection

Program Activities

In week 8, program activities included Monday's Lecture, Lecture/Seminar, and Physics Lab, Tuesday's Math Lab, Wednesday's Physics Lab, and Thursday's Problem Session & Wrap. You also had the option of attending open workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday.
In the space above, indicate any session in which you were not FP3.


In week 8, the assignments were the Week 7 Reflection, the week 8 Problem Set for precalculus (no physics problem set this week), the week's reading, and the Program Activities Log and Portfolio Checklist. In addition, the Week 8 Resource Postings and Reviews were due for some of you. You should also be caught up with Math and Physics Labs from weeks 1 - 7, if not week 8.
In the space above, indicate any assignment you did not complete or submit on time.

Progress towards meeting Learning Goals: