Week 3



Sun. Apr. 13
  • Reading Responses and Reflections 2 due online by 6:00pm. Printable version (just Reading Responses, not Reflection questions) here.
Mon. Apr. 14
Tue. Apr. 15
Wed. Apr. 16
  • Physics Lab 6 Discussion/Workshop, come to physics lab room with lecture and homework notebooks.
  • Problem Sets (see above) half attempted for Workshop
  • Solution Postings due online by 11:59 pm
Thu. Apr. 17
  • Problem Sets (see above) for Problem Session in Sem 2 A2105. Attempt all problems before Problem Session.
Fri. Apr. 18
  • Solution Reviews due online by 6:00 pm
Sat. Apr. 19
Sun. Apr. 20
  • Reading Response and Reflection 3 due online by 6 pm