In September we announced our Research Ambassador Fellowship program, which will bring academic researchers to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA for 3-4 days of outreach events, interdisciplinary dialogue, and communications training and mentoring.  We’ve had an overwhelming response, with more than 35 applications received, and lots of conversation with others interested in the program.  We have selected 10 Fellows that will represent our first cadre of Fellows.  We are excited to announce our first group, which include:

Dr. Denise Bruesewitz
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Texas at Austin
Research includes: freshwater ecology, biogeochemistry

Dr. Ankur Desai
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research includes: biogeochemistry, meteorology

Dr. Matthew Hurteau
Assistant Research Professor
Northern Arizona University
Research includes: climate change mitigation

Dr. Doug Levey
University of Florida
Research includes: landscape ecology and conservation biology

Ms. Aurora MacRae-Crerar
Doctoral Student
University of Pennsylvania
Research includes: soil microbial communities, biogeochemistry

Ms. Molly Mehling
Doctoral Candidate
Miami University
Research includes: community ecology, ecotoxicology

Ms. Katie Renwick
Doctoral Student
Colorado State University
Research includes: temperate forests, disturbance ecology

Dr. Rebecca Trueman
Assistant Professor
Concordia University Chicago
Research includes: biogeochemistry, wetland ecology

Dr. Divya Uma
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Maryland
Research includes: behavioral and sensory ecology

Dr. Alan Wilson
Assistant Professor
Auburn University
Research includes: community ecology and genetics, limnology

We’re particularly excited that this group includes researchers well established in their professions, and younger scientists early in their research. 

We’ll update this blog more frequently as we host outreach events and our offices get even busier.