Our Research Ambassador Program Fellows have taken time during their visits to work with the youngest attendees of The Evergreen State College – the children at the Evergreen Childcare Center.  Presenting at the center has taught our fellows to distill their science to the fundamentals that children can understand and appreciate.  Some have brought pictures […]

In November we launched a partnership with Senior Services of South Sound to introduce seniors to the science of mosses.  After attending a lecture and workshop with The Evergreen State College visiting faculty member, Lalita Calabria in November seven seniors agreed to partner as scientists.  Lalita has developed an experimental design to observe comparative growth […]

On January 11-14, 2011, we hosted our first Research Ambassador Fellow, Katie Renwick.  Katie is a junior scientist, embarking upon her doctoral studies with the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University.  Katie’s research focuses on disturbance dynamics in Lodgepole Pine forests, particularly the ecosystem interactions of fire and pine bark beetles. For three […]

In September we announced our Research Ambassador Fellowship program, which will bring academic researchers to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA for 3-4 days of outreach events, interdisciplinary dialogue, and communications training and mentoring.  We’ve had an overwhelming response, with more than 35 applications received, and lots of conversation with others interested in the […]

The Research Ambassador Program is exploring new partnerships and new types of events.  Early this fall, we began looking for an active and accessible organization to work with to enable us to reach senior audiences.  We identified Senior Services for South Sound, a local non-profit that serves a broad spectrum of local seniors through meal […]

We had a great time at the Ecological Society for America conference and are busy planning our next endeavors… We are currently recruiting for Research Ambassador Fellows.  The Program will provide funds for travel and per diem at the Research Ambassador headquarters in Olympia, Washington. During this time, staff will offer communication training, mentoring, and […]

This note is an announcement/reminder for a workshop on ecology outreach to non-traditional public audience at the upcoming ESA meeting. Entitled: Got Broader Impacts? How the Research Ambassador Program Can Turn Outreach from Burden to Benefit, this workshop will help guide ecologists to create and implement useful and creative broader impacts in an efficient ways. […]

Hello! We have gone “live” with our updated and revised website!  We will update this site, particularly this “blog” page frequently.  Ultimately we hope this blog will serve as a  platform for dialogue, for brainstorming, and for developing creative outreach ideas. Feel free to comment and help build a vibrant community of researchers engaged in outreach.