In November we launched a partnership with Senior Services of South Sound to introduce seniors to the science of mosses.  After attending a lecture and workshop with The Evergreen State College visiting faculty member, Lalita Calabria in November seven seniors agreed to partner as scientists. 

Lalita has developed an experimental design to observe comparative growth of two species of moss on bark and soil substrates.  The horticultural industry currently harvests moss ; we’d like to learn how to ‘grow’ mossess commercially to eventually reduce pressures on wild populations.

This project launched last week (February 22) with the ‘planting’ of mosses on bark and soil substrates.  Yesterday (March 2) we returned to perfect our measuring techniques.  A team of undergraduate students and seniors will be returning weekly to observe growth and take measurements.

John Dodge of the The Olympian, our local newspaper, was there to report on our work and hopes for the project.