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What is the TreeTop Barbie project?

TreeTop Barbie was designed to inspire youth – especially young girls – to become aware of the field of the forest canopy. She is a real Barbie doll, but wears hand-tailored clothes that are modeled on real field clothes and climbing gear, including a field guide to canopy plants and animals (both Barbie- and human-sized). The TreeTop Barbie package includes the doll and a personal letter from Barbie about forests and their importance to people. 

What issues does this project address?

TreeTop Barbie can serve as a role model to encourage young girls in directions that are alternatives to the mainstream Barbie doll and what she represents in our society. TreeTop Barbie and her accompanying educational materials also provide a link between youth and an exciting part of the natural world in tropical and temperate ecosystems.


How can I get a TreeTop Barbie?

TreeTop Barbie is distributed by The International Canopy Network (ICAN), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting forest canopy conservation through research and education. Funds generated will support this and other outreach activities.

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