Only an individual knows their own true path, many are trapped and haven’t found it. I get individual satisfaction that is earned, well deserved,  and equal, balanced, or fair trade out of helping people understand and be conscious of the realities around them, in whichever way works the best. Because of who I am, I asked a question at the beginning of my academic career at Evergreen. Below is my question and a 3D model product that I made through my learning process, and will print into physical being. The hand is my own, I am my own, yet we are all one. Whatever you put into something is what you get out, the meaning behind art (Art- To artificer -One who invents or crafts), is the physical energy, or matter, that you put into it, and art is everything we make. My 3D model hand has the dimensions X=66mm Y=68mm, and  Z=143mm. When it prints, it will use 46.5g of filament, and take about 3 hours for the maker-bot to create.

“what is the potential of 3D printing in the healthcare industry, and how will it revolutionize the medical field?”

As I have been exploring this question and its relation to my experimentation and learning regarding 3D imaging, modeling, and printing over the past nine weeks I have come to the simple yet truthful conclusion that the potential of 3D printing, and human ingenuity portrayed through tools and technology… is infinite. I think 3D modeling, printing, scanning, and downloading is going to revolutionize every industry and field on the planet, just like the internet did.

As an individual that always wants to be the best, and make the least amount of mistakes, I understand that if you get stronger, there will be someone who can hit harder. If you build more protective armor, people will develop more destructive weapons. It is the human condition to suffer, but this is the greatest joy of all, because without suffering there cannot be pleasure. All the word “Work” “means”, is materialistically wanting something enough to exert the 3rd dimensional energy required to get it in this reality. Technology is the magic of the future.