Welcome to the Science Seminar (SciSem) public webpage for 2010-2011.  Registered students will also have access to our Moodle pages (fall, winter, spring)

Students are welcome to join this seminar, which is held in conjunction with Methods of Mathematical Physics.  You do not need to register for MMP, and you have no math or physics prerequisite.  Here is our Catalog description (they have a typo:  winter SciSem is for 6 credits).

One purpose of SciSem is to give students access to interesting, in-depth conversations about math and physics, without having to actually do math.  You will interact closely with students who are studying advanced math and physics, and your perspectives will enrich their readings as well.

We meet Fridays from 12:30 – 2:30 in 2207 Lab 2.

You will also have significant commitments to meeting teammates for pre-seminar (on your own time),  posting assignments together (and individually) online, and reading and responding to peers’ essays.

FALL: We will NOT meet week 1 because MMP will be at a physics meeting.  Our first meeting will be at an unusual time: 10:00 – noon MONDAY 4 Oct. (week 2) in the CAL (Computer Applications Lab) on first floor of Lab II.  This will lay the foundation of your teamwork and individual assignments for the rest of the quarter.  See you there!

WINTER:  We DO meet week 1, at 12:30 Friday in 2207 Lab 2 as usual.

Link to fall textsOur first book will be “Measuring the World.”  Please finish it by Friday of Week 2 so we can seminar on it then.

We will not read Randall in fall – probably in spring.

Link to Winter Seminar TextsPlease finish our first book, on Lise Meitner, by Friday of Week 2, so we can seminar on it then.  This is good reading for winter break.

QUESTION 1:  I really want in to Science Seminar, but Registration and the Waitlist are full. Is there any way I can get in?

ANSWER 1:  Maybe!  Just show up on the first day of class, on time, and there may well be an opening for you.  If you show up with the texts, you move to the top of the list.

QUESTION 2:  I can’t make it to the first day of class.  What should I do to make this up?

ANSWER 2:  Students missing the first day of class will be dropped from the program.  This day is crucial – among other things, you will form teams and post online information the first day.  You and your team will have assignments due before the second class meeting.

QUESTION 3:  I can’t find the Science Seminar texts in the College Bookstore?

ANSWER 3:  Look under Methods of Mathematical Physics – there’s a big sign at Science Seminar pointing you in that direction.

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