How do you know its week 10 at Evergreen? Ah yes, the smell of Thai takeout wafting through the library packed full of students working to finish their final projects. The final week of class each quarter is actually pretty laid back compared to what a lot of other school’s finals weeks look like but, there is definitely still work to be done. The majority of programs here at Evergreen have some sort of final project (whether it be independent or a group based) that students are asked to present at the end of week 10.

For the final aspect of my independent research project, I have to give a presentation on the different aspects of my research and the conclusion I came to over the past ten weeks. So, I’ve been hunkered down in the library all day getting my ideas out and tying up any loose ends I had with my finished project. I’ve found that teaming up with someone helps to keep you on task when studying, so my friend, who is also working on a final project, and I got together to go to the library.

The library at Evergreen offers quiet study rooms where you can rent out a key to work away from any distractions – the ones in the basement actually have a tea and cookie station outside, so those are my preferred study haunts. I find that these rooms are super useful when you have a lot you want to get done. My friend and I ordered Thai food from Basil Leaf restaurant (their Mom’s Fried Rice is a must try) in Westside Olympia and rented out a study room to set up shop in. Four hours later, and we are both almost done with what we set out to do!