As I mentioned in my previous post, our finals week at Evergreen is a pretty relaxing affair. Since a lot of the time we don’t have huge tests and multiple classes, it’s easy to get the entirety of finals done by Monday. Because of that, we actually get a whole second week off during breaks! For my final this quarter,  I had to give a presentation on the material I had covered during my 10 weeks of independent research. I was able to do that the Friday before eval week, so I had all week to adventure before Spring break even officially started!

Taking a short break after struggling to go up steep hills for the past two hours

A fellow classmate/co worker and I decided to make the long  road trip down to Reno, Nevada to visit another friend and classmate of ours that has recently graduated. We got to do a lot of fun things, but my absolute favorite was snowshoeing up at Lake Tahoe. I have a serious love for mountains (in case you hadn’t noticed from my other posts), so being at such a high elevation and hiking through snow that was so deep we were walking over bushes was a much more preferable way to spend my finals week than at home cramming for tests.

I fell through the snow and got my foot caught in a bush 🙁

We left Nevada at the end of eval week and made it back to Olympia in time to hang out, relax, and work during Spring break. I feel super lucky that I get to live in a place as beautiful as the PNW. Not only because of its incredible nature, but also because of how relatively close we are to so many awe-inspiring natural places – even if you have to drive 10 hours to get somewhere, the entire drive is beautiful enough to make it completely and 100% worth it. While driving through the Sierras and then through the Cascades we got some really wonderful views so the drive flew by!