Summer 2021 – Field Ornithology (co-taught with Daniel Froehlich).  Here is an link to some information for this program http://blogs.evergreen.edu/styringa/field-ornithology/.  Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Fall 2021 – Vertebrate Zoology (co-taught with Amy Cook).  Here is a link to the program handout. http://blogs.evergreen.edu/styringa/vertebrate-zoology-fall-2021


  • Field Ornithology; Summer 2020 (co-taught with Daniel Froehlich)
  • Field Ecology; Spring 2020, Spring 2018, Spring 2014, Spring 2013, Fall 2010 – Spring 2011; Spring 2006 (co-taught with Dylan Fischer, Ph.D.)
  • General Biology: Cells, Populations, Ecosystems; Winter 2020, Fall 2017 (co-taught with Carri LeRoy, Ph.D.)
  • Birds: Inside and Out, Winter 2019 (co-taught with James Neitzel, Ph.D.)
  • Ecological Niche: The Interface of Human and Animal Behavior; Fall 2011-Spring 2012, and Fall 2016-Spring 2017 (co-taught with George Freeman, Ph.D.)
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies; Fall-Winter 2015-16 (co-taught with Ted Whitesell, Ph.D., Rob Cole, Ph.D., and Krishna Chowdary, Ph.D.), Fall-Winter 2005-06 (co-taught with Carolyn Dobbs, Ph.D. and Dylan Fischer, Ph.D.)
  • Ecology of Flight; Summer 2014, 2015
  • Wildlife Biology: Birds and Fishes; Spring 2015 (co-taught with Amy Cook, Ph.D.)
  • Avian Monitoring and Research Methods; Winter 2015, Winter 2014, Spring 2008†
  • Ornithology; Fall 2014, Fall 2012 (co-taught with Dina Roberts, Ph.D. in 2012), Fall 2009
  • Riparian Environments: Form and Function; Fall 2013 (co-taught with Ken Tabbutt, Ph.D.)
  • Field Ornithology; Spring 2010, Spring 2007
  • Tropical Rainforests; Winter 2010 (co-taught with John Longino, Ph.D.)
  • Advanced Natural History; Fall 2009 (co-taught with John Longino, Ph.D.)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods†; Spring 2009 (co-taught with Peter Dorman, Ph.D.)
  • Ecological and Social Sustainability†; Winter 2009 (co-taught with Rob Knapp, Ph.D. and Jefferey Morris, Ph.D.), Winter 2008 (co-taught with Peter Dorman, Ph.D. and Linda Moon-Stumpff, Ph.D.)
  • Ecology of Western Washington†;, Fall 2008
  • Avian Natural History; Summer 2008
  • Political Economic and Ecological Processes†; Fall 2007 (co-taught with Ted Whitesell, Ph.D.)
  • The Nature of Natural History; Fall 2007-Winter 2008 (co-taught with Frederica Bowcutt, Ph.D.)

† A Master’s Level program or course

Alison Styring