Portfolios due 5 pm Day 25 (Fri. Aug. 29) outside Lab 2 3255

From the program Syllabus/Covenant, students are to “Maintain a portfolio of your work”. “Students will maintain an ongoing portfolio of their work consisting of

  • reading/lecture notes,
  • lab notes,
  • homework sets, and
  • exams

to serve as a lasting record and resource for their own future reference.” To this, please add or leave space for

  • exam revisions (Exam Revisions will be returned to you in class by Day 25 or given to you at your Evaluation Conference).

What will I examine in your Portfolio?

  • I will look through everyone’s lab notes, checking primarily for evidence of engagement, learning, and completeness.
  • I will only look at your lecture/reading notes if you direct me to. Why might you ask me to look at your lecture/reading notes? They may provide evidence of your learning that is not clear elsewhere. Please indicate clearly if would like me to look at your lecture/reading notes, and direct me to your best work.
  • I will generally only look at your written homework sets if you direct me to, as I have a record of your WebAssign scores. Why might you ask me to look at your written homework sets? For example, it might be the case that the score you received via WebAssign doesn’t reflect your understanding as shown in your written homework. Please indicate clearly to me which (if any) of your written homework sets you would like me to look at; please note that I can’t look at everything. Use your judgement (I suggest that WebAssign scores of 13.5 or higher don’t need to be addressed, while WebAssign scores of 9 or less should be addressed).
    • I may choose to look at your written homework sets if your scores through WebAssign and your results on exams are inconsistent.
  • As I have already graded your Exams and looked at your Exam Revisions, I will only review those briefly.
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