Final Program Description and Suggested Course Equivalencies

College Physics

Faculty: Krishna Chowdary, Ph.D.

College Physics was an accelerated, intensive course that covered one-half of a year-long standard sequence in algebra-based introductory physics with lab. Students worked through chapters 1-15 in College Physics (Rice University OpenStax Consortium), including: translational and rotational kinematics and dynamics; conservation of energy, momentum, and angular momentum; fluids; and thermodynamics. Emphasis was placed on developing conceptual understanding and problem-solving ability. Students had 25 three-hour class meetings consisting of interactive lectures, collaborative workshops, and ten labs: measuring motion with rulers & stopwatches, video analysis, sonic rangers; vector addition; Newton’s 2nd law; conservation of energy; conservation of momentum; rotational dynamics and conservation of angular momentum; buoyancy and density; and gas pressure and volume. Students submitted 12 substantial homework assignments (each 18 problems, some with multiple parts) using the WebAssign on-line homework system. Students took three in-class exams. Students were evaluated through exams, exam revisions, homework assignments, and in-class work.

(Standard) Suggested Course Equivalencies

  • 8– Algebra-based Physics I with Lab (classical mechanics, fluids, thermodynamics)
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