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Portrait: A Multimedia Web Workshop

This is the course Stephanie Zorn and I will be teaching Winter quarter 2009.

Course description:
This intensive class is designed for entry-level students to build media literacy skills and gain basic proficiency with media production and web technologies. Students will learn to critically analyze content by completing readings and conducting individual research via a personal blog space. Students will apply their research to the creation of a multimedia project using the theme of portraiture to frame their work. Full credit will be awarded for the completion of a blog site and multimedia project as well as participation in all class activities. Technology workshops will include: Photoshop, iMovie, audio field recording and multitracking, WordPress, and media compression. Faculty signature is required.

IDP Project Proposal

This is the project proposal for a short multimedia piece for the course Introduciton to Digital Production.

Modern digital society brings instant access to volumes of information. However, much of this information is noise to be waded through. Our digital tools give us the promise of ease of access, automatic filtering, subscription and organization. The reality of negotiating this information, however, is often one of cranky hardware, imperfect software and not enough time in the day to absorb all of the valuable information we believe lies at the edge of our fingertips.

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Monster Mac Morning

iMovie workshop 10am
25 eager students
1 lcd projector that only displayed at 800 x 600
1 iMac that that could only run iMovie at 1024 x 768
No iMovie workshop?
run run run lift haul think
new computer