I’m guilty as many others for laughing at the Simpson’s Quickie Mart worker Apu, but I didn’t think he was voiced by a white guy.  Not that that makes it any better.  It’s a trip to think of the amount of bullshit actors and actresses of color have to go though to get a serious role in hollywood.  To the point of being black listed if you speak out against the agents for casting you in a stereotypical role.

Growing up in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now the 10’s too, I’ve seen a lot of less than PC television and some of the non white rolls have been very racists to look back at.  The amount that Hollywood dictates to the masses how we are supposed to see certain ethnic groups is pretty gross and unfortunately has always been a part of television in America.  But it’s cool to start seeing more movies directed by members of the culture their movies are about.  But we are at a place in time where people are starting to make a change.  Not fast enough, but it’s happening.  This quarter has got me looking at tv differently and the way races are portrayed in films.  I enjoy getting a more realistic look into how cultures are act in our literature verse the way they are show in films and tv shows directed and written for white audiences.  It’s eye opening and I find myself searching out more films like Gook, which are directed by someone from the culture being shown in the film.