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Apu you are a Imposter

I’m guilty as many others for laughing at the Simpson’s Quickie Mart worker Apu, but I didn’t think he was voiced by a white guy.  Not that that makes it any better.  It’s a trip to think of the amount… Continue Reading →

Mississippi Masala – A mix of Spices

I was having a hard time remembering the film we watched last week, then I figured out why, Denzel Washington.  I’m not a big fan his acting skills, he is just one of those actors who plays the same roll… Continue Reading →

NYC Surfing

Surfs Up Here is a shot of Keino surfing the streets of New York City on a Shovelhead.  Something he was handed down from motorcycle legend Indian Larry, one of his mentors in the world of custom motorcycle building.  

2nd Draft Stuck In A Puddle

I’ve been having a heck of a time getting back on the horse and getting this done.  I feel like I hit a wall and that coupled with the stress of my everyday life.  I am just stuck.  I have… Continue Reading →

Blogging Workshop – Editing your theme through CSS

I was also able to learn some simple CSS coding this week during the work shop.   And was able to edit my theme past the option provided in the ‘Customize’ tab, learning how to change font size and color through… Continue Reading →

Oh, We Should Never Meet, but it’s been so nice…

Amiee Phan, takes the reader through a series of intertwined stories of orphans from Vietnam sent to to America for a chance to live a “better life”.  And few from women who tried to help these orphans before they left… Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Country

The Beautiful Country is story of an Amerasian man from the Delta who leaves his home in search of his mother in the big city.  After finding her, there is an accident and he boards a boat with his little… Continue Reading →

Funkadesi – Sweet Home Alabama to No Woman No Cry

I’d heard Funkadesi on Kmud working in Northern California, and was stoked to hear them again bring back my fond memories of grooving in the garden.  They even drop a little southern rock homage using Sweet Home Alabama in one… Continue Reading →

Justin Chon’s film, Gook

I just finished watching the film tonight, and I think I’m still processing the emotions it left me with.  Justin Chon, who wrote, directed and starred in his film Gook, did an amazing job of capturing the absolute chaos and… Continue Reading →

Vietnam War on PBS

Tonight I came home from trick or treating and zoned out a bit.  I sat on the couch and grabbed the remote.  I was looking for a few minutes of relaxation while my wife put the kid down for the… Continue Reading →

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