May 27

There is only one use for a lamp. It lights the room up. Everything I have designed thus far needs to follow certain rules. The couch has to be large and comfortable. The reclining chair has to be able to recline. The coffee table has to have a flat surface to place things on. These […]

May 10

Although not an extremely common household item the reclining chair has been around for many years. One of the first reclining chairs was created by¬†Edward K. Knabush and¬†Edwin J. Shoemaker, two Americans, who then patented the wooden recliner in 1928. This patent was the start of the founding of the company La-Z-Boy. A reclining chair […]

Apr 29

The couch is a standard household item. We use it for so many different things; sitting, sleeping, relaxing, watching television, reading a book, talking to people, eating dinner. A lot of thought goes into purchasing a new couch and when we do we hope it lasts forever. The couch can provide people with many different […]

Apr 18

Doors. We use them everyday. They are not a very complex tool yet for some reason we can struggle with them. Whenever you struggle to figure out how a door works you typically blame yourself. “This object is so simple I must be an idiot to not know how to use it”. However, doors have […]

Apr 08

Ergonomics is method of design that focuses on creating objects based on the physical measure of the human body and the cognitive processes of people. It’s main priority is to make objects more comfortable to use but also more intuitive. Ergonomics is closely related to Human Factor Psychology, in fact, these names are interchangeable. Examples […]

Ergonomic Design