Apr 29

The couch is a standard household item. We use it for so many different things; sitting, sleeping, relaxing, watching television, reading a book, talking to people, eating dinner. A lot of thought goes into purchasing a new couch and when we do we hope it lasts forever. The couch can provide people with many different memories and feelings. Couches can say a lot about someone’s personality. There are so many different styles of couches. They can range from sleek modernist couches to old lumpy futons.

When choosing a couch, the primary function that a person is looking for is comfort. Can I sit on this couch for a long period of time and without getting uncomfortable? If the answer is yes then you have chosen the right couch. The dimensions of a couch and the material it is made out of can affect the comfort level. It needs to be long enough that you can lay down and wide enough that you don’t feel like you are sliding off. Wooden armrests look nice but aren’t ideal for resting your head on (a very common practice). As I have stated many times before, practicality should over ride aesthetics. A couch is meant to epitomize comfort. It is an object that you sit down on after a long day.


In the end there isn’t  a one size fits all couch design. In fact, there isn’t a one size fits all anything. However, this week I am going to work on creating my own couch design. Couches may seem very simple and this is true, but there are many things to consider when designing a couch. How large should it be? How many people should it hold? What type of functions should it have? I have already started listing what I want this couch to have and I am going to begin designing it soon.


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  1. Chantay Anderson
    10:36 pm - 5-5-2013

    When I seen the first picture in your post that really caught my attention. My first thought was “wow did you really light a couch on fire!” I’ve been looking at the work you bring in to critique and to be honest I really never thought about ergonomics. I look forward to seeing more of your designs and keep up the good work!

  2. Jordan
    12:09 pm - 6-3-2013

    Its funny how for something that I sit on everyday and rely on for comfort and relaxation, I pay it barely any attention. I guess there is a lot more that goes into design and ergonomics than I had thought. Next time I have to buy a couch I will have a lot more to think about.

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