May 17

The coffee table is a standard household item that is constantly over looked. We don’t quite realize how important of an object it is and how versatile it can be. It is not only used for beverages, like the name entails, it can be used as a foot rest, an object to gather around for conversation or even a meal. The coffee table is an important and necessary item to have in every living room. It helps to create a flow of traffic through the furniture.


Standard coffee tables are basically a piece of wood on top of four legs but it has the potential to be so much more than that. It can be a storage device or even a conversation piece. For this weeks design I am going to focus on making a coffee table that looks interesting and is versatile. On my previous designs I have been focusing mostly on function and not form. But since the coffee table is such a basic object I feel as though this is a good time to try to work on the aesthetic part of design as well.

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  1. Isabella M.
    10:08 am - 5-19-2013

    My favorite part about reading your posts is that it opens my eyes to the design of my own furniture and the ergonomics of my home. You’re teaching me not to take these things for granted and to recognize to thoughtfulness or lack there of behind them. I’m excited to see you changing focus a little bit from pure function to aesthetics because as we’ve read about in class, good design requires both. Plus, I am just a sucker for cool looking furniture. 🙂

  2. coymol16
    6:38 am - 6-5-2013

    I really like your project and I really can’t wait to see what you’re final projects going to be. Since everyone’s been trying to get your to build something. I don’t expect you to have, but I think even just the drawings you’ve come up with will be really great. I also love the pictures you’ve posted to show different styles of furniture. I really liked the different coffee tables. Really good job!

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