MBoutik and Burmese Clay Masks


When I was in Bagan, I went to MBoutik, a handicraft store/business that’s a part of the Socio Economic Development Network (SEDN). Their focus is to improve the lives of the poor, rural women and families in the area through access to healthcare, education, and vocational training. “The project develops designs, creates marketable products, ensures quality control, and analyses the market. The craft producers network committee includes representatives of relevant government departments and the private sector, as well as women producers.” – MBoutik Brochure

i found this weird doll there and had to get it for my wife. As you can see, the doll not only features traditional clothing but interesting “makeup” on her nose, a light yellow stripe down the bridge. I came to learn that the paint on the dolls face is actually a clay paint that women, children, and some men in Myanmar wear. It is called Thanakha. It is worn all day, usually in two circles on the cheeks and a stripe down the nose, to protect against the sun, and is made of tree bark or roots plus herbs and flowers.


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