Shrines and the streets of Bangkok

Street jeweler posted up outside seven eleven.
Dvarapala, door guardian, local protectorate spirit.
Dvarapala, door guardian, local protectorate spirit.
Part of a street shrine, giving tribute to Shiva on through to local “spirit deities” and popular monks.
all your ritual preyer needs
Mae Nak Phra Khanong one of thailands most famous ghosts, along with Phi-Ka-Phranang (local gohst sacrificed too for fame)
incense, candles and golden lotus’s for home shrines and tiny ghost houses. Spirit houses are placed at the edge of a property to give homage to both local spirits, deities, ghost and people who have occupied the property before. The spirit houses are like those I’ve seen today in Iceland Scandinavia and older folk lore of Central Europe for elves and sprites, in Thailand the nature sprits Yakasha are also honored by these shrines interestingly enough the Yakasha throughout Southeast Asia and up to Japan much like Elves.
the demon who reverses luck… eating the bad and turning it around.
more of the local shrines with offerings, the figure is one of the door guardians usually of heaven but seen as watching over a local, neighborhood or house.

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People and Shrines on the Streets of Bangkok are decked out, spilling over, chaotic to an outsiders perspective but they reflect the vibrant bustle of the concrete they inhabite. From the top with the jeweler selling his pieces using a telephone pole outside a seven eleven talking to me about visiting SF in the 60’s, the shop keeper on the bus with all the luck, to the bottom and a “biker” wizard… he asked for the photo but I was stoked to be in it!



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