NOVA Artlab: Studio Work in Progress

Over half-way done with my five day course. Here’s more photos of the studio that I’ve been spending all day in for most of the week (I would love to spend all night here as well, to be honest!)

IMG_6195 IMG_6197 IMG_6200

Here is project #1 in progress: A pendent inspired by Cambodia’s culture and history

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6204

Project #2 in progress: a silver ring

IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6209 IMG_6210

Here is Project #3 in progress: a silver & jasper bezel-set ring, as well as some photos of my instructor giving me a 1:1 lesson, showing me how to be more efficient and precise in my work:

IMG_6211 IMG_6212

IMG_6213 IMG_6214

And finally, learning how to make silver wire:

IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6217


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