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“I remember the moment I first realized I had been living in black and white. It wa like discovering a color I never knew exsisted before, a whole new crayon box full of colors. That was it for me. From then on there was no putting the pieces back together, no going home, things were different now. Asia had ruined me from my old life.”

Parts Unknown S03E07-Anthony Bourdain

I once over heard someone say, “we are all travelers, we are all strangers. Once we understand this we understand the human condition”. As travelers we are in need of food and shelter and dependent on the hospitality of strangers. This day and age we book through Airbnb, or hold up in a hostile’s with other wide eyed, jet-lagged stinkie back packers. Then hit the streets in search of exciting new taste in same same but different flavors… one can not through a rock withough hitting a blog, ista or book on taste based travel. You can not go threw this world with out being asked “did you see Anthony Bourdain on…” he makes the unknown a familure place, encouraging restlessness and inspiring wonderlust.


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