Shopping for Treasures: Traditional Jewelry and Accessories


Thailand – Small bronze talismans/figurines from the Chiangmai Sunday Night Market and the Chiangmai Night Bazaar


Cambodia – Bronze bracelet with the Khmer alphabet chased into it from Trunkh. in Phnom Penh, and bronze ring made from a recycled bullet casing from Ammo Jewelry, in Siem Reap


Thailand – two necklaces made of old coins, with detailed pendants, a bronze lost wax cast choker and lotus ends (a traditional embellishment on traditional Southeast Asian women’s jewelry), and a necklace featuring rows of old glass beads.


Thailand – A silver hairpin I bought for my wife, with hammered leaves and flowers, from the Chiangmai Night Bazaar


Thailand & Cambodia – A handmade purse with traditonal embroidery and decorative yarn details, resembling the work of local hill tribes in Northern Thailand, from the Chiangmai Sunday Night Market, & two cotton kromas, the staple accesory item of the Khmer people (usually in a plaid pattern but these feature stripes), from Artillery Art Cafe in Phnom Penh


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