Inkwell 2012



Editor’s Note: Sandy Yannone, Director of Evergreen’s Writing Center provides the following guest blog post about the latest edition of Inkwell.

Each year, the Writing Center’s tutors in Olympia and Tacoma practice the writing process they encourage student writers to explore by writing, designing, and editing Inkwell: A Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen. Now in its seventh edition, Inkwell features eclectic essays, poems, and tidbits of wisdom regarding how writers can cultivate their voice. As 2012 Co-Editors David Imhoff and Madeleine Stephens write, “Inkwell is both the end and the beginning of collaboration. The fruits of our collective reflection live here, accommodated by hours and weeks of conversation and writing.” Distributed free each fall, Inkwell also has sparked its own writing festival. This year’s InkFest includes writers Giovanna Marcus ’01, Paul Whitney ’04, Marissa Luck ’10, and Shanda Zimmerman ’10.

What was your experience as a writer at Evergreen? Has it helped you in the alumni afterlife?

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