Animals, City Planning and Animal Psychology?

Nick Wilde, a fast-talking fox from Disney’s next big hit, Zootopia, directed by Byron Howard ’90.

Animals, city planning and animal psychology? Are those the areas of emphases for a new program at Evergreen? No. It is what director Byron Howard ’90 had to study for his next Disney 3-D animated feature, Zootopia. How interdisciplinary!

Howard also directed such Disney hits as Bolt and Tangled. Watch this clip: Howard, along with producer Clark Spencer, and writer Jared Bush talk about “creating a world that no one has ever seen before.”

Byron mentions in the clip above that he grew up loving Robin Hood. Share your favorite childhood film in the comments below.

One thought on “Animals, City Planning and Animal Psychology?

  1. I really love the tangled and bolt movie. Those were 2 great animated movie. Can wait to see the zoopedia movie, should be a great title as well, my kids will love it I’m sure.

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