Breaking Glass Ceilings: Monica Alexander ’13


Monica Alexander ’13 (3rd from left) First African-American Woman Sergeant in Washington State Patrol, Promoted to Lieutenant.

It’s been a busy year for Monica Hunter-Alexander ’13. Until a couple weeks ago, she was the first African American woman to achieve the rank of sergeant in the Washington State Patrol (WSP). On June 14, Monica walked across a stage on Red Square to accept her degree from the Evergreen State College. And on July 16, the WSP promoted her to the rank of lieutenant. The ceremony was held on August 8th and Monica had the pleasure of sharing the official recognition with her husband, Johnny Alexander, who had received the rank of lieutenant earlier in the year.

Monica found an academic home in Evergreen’s Tacoma Program, located in the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma.Of her student life, Monica summarized:

“My Evergreen Tacoma experience was exceptional. I felt like I attended class with family.  We argued passionately, cried collectively and supported each other whole-heartedly.  We encouraged each other and respected each other’s goals and aspirations.”

Monica has received numerous honors and awards including the Educational Excellence Award from the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission. She was a familiar – and popular – face on KOMO-TV’s traffic report. In 2003, Monica was inducted into the Tacoma African American History Museum for her service to the community and her work with the WSP.

Monica’s life path thus far – her evident commitment to community, social justice and life-long learning – exemplifies the motto of the Evergreen’s Tacoma Program: “Enter to learn, depart to serve.”


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