About The Evergreen Mind

The title of this new alumni blog is “The Evergreen Mind: all new, all change, all ways.”

This phrase is taken from a work of art created by Tim Girvin ’75 as a gift honoring first-year faculty and awarded at the 40th anniversary celebration, May 2012.  Executed as a palimpsest,  the work  “relates to messages that lie beneath. ”

Tim states in his blog, it is “a holistic risk” that requires people to work, “to dig,” to uncover the layers of meaning. Tim writes: “The point related to my earliest experience at the college — which was experiment. To create a gift, I thought of a layering of attitudes, messages, some poetic recollections, meditations on the Evergreen State College.”

Tim’s reflections have shaped our aspirations for this blog — a Greener community place to exchange thoughts and ideas, a space to share experiences and dig deep amid the layers and experience the Evergreen Mind.


In the beginning, 1976-79, there was The Evergreen Alumni Newsletter . Then came The Evergreen Review (1979-2001).  With the new millennium, the  Review was reborn as The Evergreen Magazine, reflecting the College and it’s community in a modern, full-color format that everyone in the Greener-verse continues to look forward to twice a year, either in the mailbox or on-line.

Since 2008, a much smaller but generally appreciative Greener audience has enjoyed The Evergreen EXPRESS, an eNewsletter.  Functioning as a sort of “kid-sister” to the Magazine, this modest compendium of alumni interviews and articles was published twice a year by the Office of Alumni Programs.