Cathy Delacruz ’03

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Evergreen faculty member Ruth Hayes for tipping us off to the work of Cathy Delacuz ’03, writer, filmmaker, teacher, and all around accomplished Greener.

Writer and filmmaker Cathy de la Cruz ’03

Cathy Delacruz ’03 says it best: Cathy Delacruz’ career might be considered “pretty cute”, and only in the most serious of ways. Growing up a Riot Grrrl in San Antonio, Texas was only the beginning of a raucous life-long journey in art, critical thought, and down and dirty fun. Take a look at her on Linked In.

Cathy made her mark at Evergreen where she focused her energy in the MediaWorks program and later did an independent work with faculty member Sally Cloninger.  Along the way, Cathy received several research and project grants to fund her filmmaking. After graduating from Evergreen, Cathy attended University of California, San Diego where she received an MFA in 2009.  She continues to stack up academic degrees and professional leaps of imagination and achievement.

A whimsical representation of something dead, most likely made dead by human action

Recently, Cathy published a beautifully written feature article in The Rumpus  on a woman practicing “vegetarian taxidermy.” Here’s an excerpt:

Vegetarian taxidermy is just what it sounds like: a no-animals-were-harmed replica of a trophy that usually represents some grave harm toward a nonhuman creature. Some might see Sharon’s work as art, some might see it as decoration, and some might see it as a big contradiction. I see it as all of these things, with a haunting idea lurking beneath its surface: these pieces present a pleasant and even cheerful representation of something dead. This paradoxical undercurrent is what drove me to seek out a meeting with the artist in the first place after spotting Sharon’s work at Pop-Cycle. I had been shopping for handmade local-artist postcards when I came eye-to-eye with the faux animal heads.

Read Cathy’s full article at The Rumpus.



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