Herbal Alchemy Practiced Here: Shae Whitney ’10

Shae Whitney’10 is an herbal alchemist, owner of DRAM Apothecary. Her website is so enchanting, we  simply quote:

“A native of Colorado, Shae Whitney grew up on the plains and prairies amongst the rolling sage and musty pines where she developed a curious admiration for species of the plant kingdom. She then took this love and paired it with her years of experience as a bartender to create the recipes that are the heart of DRAM Bitters.”

Here continues the appreciative swiping of content, this time from Shae’s Facebook page:
“Dram Apothecary was inspired by the idea that the inclusion of bitter herbs in our everyday diet is essential for vibrant health, mental clarity and agreeable digestion. We offer a line of bitters, teas and tonics that have been designed to taste as wonderful as they will make your body feel, because good health should be enjoyable on the palate.”

How elegantly, entrepreneurial. How Evergreen. Another great Greener story to share with students.  Evergreen Entrepreneurs! Sing out and be counted!


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