Introducing the Trans and Queer Center at Return to Evergreen

During the 2016-2017 school year, Evergreen added a new resource center to campus. Located in the Library building, the Trans and Queer Center (TQC) aims to provide academic and social support for the LGBTQQIAA members of Evergreen’s community.

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The Gay Resource Center in 1974, a predecessor to the Trans and Queer Center.

In a nutshell, the TQC’s main goals are to help:

  • Navigate coming out
  • Become a better advocate for yourself
  • Get support and advocacy to meet your needs
  • Find culturally-competent medical and mental health providers

The Center’s newly-hired director, Amria Caluya, says alumni support is important.

“If you’re an alum who came out in college, you can give to ensure that there’s a space for today’s students to develop their identity in the most meaningful way possible. I couldn’t imagine what my own life would look like if I hadn’t had access to a place like this.”


Amira Caluya will offer a session at Return to Evergreen about the TQC’s history.

You can share your support by attending their session at Return to Evergreen, where you can learn about its history and meet students –

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