It’s About Time: Big Idea event series kicks off at Three Magnets in Olympia

Greg Mullins speaks at April's Big Idea

Greg Mullins speaks at April’s Big Idea

Over thirty alumni and friends gathered on Wednesday night after work at Three Magnets Brewing Company for the first installment of the Big Idea event series. Representing the classes of 1974, 2015, and every class in between, a lively crowd gathered on the month’s third Wednesday for April’s Big Idea.

Alumni and friends at April's Big Idea

Alumni and friends at April’s Big Idea

Three Magnets Brewing Company, owned and operated by two Evergreen alumni, Nate and Sarah Reilly ’01, served their house-brewed beers and made-from-scratch pub fare to Greeners in the Barrel Room, the restaurant’s event space.

Faculty members Greg Mullins, Shaw Osha and Trevor Speller started the conversation with a short talk, which was inspired by their team-taught program, It’s About Time. They shared reflections on how technology has revolutionized our relation to time, including anecdotes and readings from their experiences asking their students to unplug from the internet, use typewriters rather than computers, and approach art and literature SLOWLY. After their thought- and laughter-provoking talk, everyone truly was talking about time.

We hope alumni and friends will join us for the next Big Idea, a talk by Evergreen faculty Nancy Koppelman ’88, inspired by her program What Are Children For?.

Did you attend? Or wish you had? Join the conversation by commenting below.

4 thoughts on “It’s About Time: Big Idea event series kicks off at Three Magnets in Olympia

  1. These Wednesday events sound great. I’m in L.A. but would love to joint the conversation sometime in the future. Does the season have a core question or idea that is the focus of the evenings conversation? Is there an email notification list?
    Ron Smoire ’76

    • Ron, it would be wonderful to have you join us! The plan is to host one on the third Wednesday of each month, each with a different guest speaker and theme. We are focusing outreach on alumni in the local area, so you wouldn’t normally be on those lists. It might also be fun to host an event like this in LA, particularly if there’s a faculty member visiting the area for a conference. Would you be interested in something like that?

  2. Sending out these TESC notices of meetings, is good.
    Keep up these practices.
    Some of us will find the time to participate.
    We appreciate this effort, thanks!

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