Patti Dobrowolski ’80: Imagine Your Way Out of Disaster

Patti Dobrowolski ’80, author, and founder of “Up Your Creative Genius”

Creativity consultant and authorĀ Patti Dobrowolski ’80 is now a TEDX alumna. Her presentation, part of TEDX Sacramento, provides an oasis for the busy mind and is great way to reclaim imagination from the mental whirlwind of life. Here’s an example of Patti’s positive view on thriving in the face of stress and strife:

“Fear is wonderful because it sparks your imagination. Fear forces you to pretend. We imagine our way out of disaster. … Imagination is the engine of our lives…”

Give yourself a break and, as Patti says, “Let imagination take it from here.”

See Patti’s listing in the Evergreen Writers Directory and take a peek at her her book, Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life.




3 thoughts on “Patti Dobrowolski ’80: Imagine Your Way Out of Disaster

  1. This little TED talk by one of my own alumni, was absolutely inspiring! I am going through something really difficult right now in my life, and I am doing my art business to help me cope, and this popped up on my email, and I am so glad that I looked at this video. I feel more empowered now by my dreams that I am doing while I am going through a life changing family crisis! Thank you so much Patti! I am going to buy your book!

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