Robert Steelquist: Tracking Climate Change from the Top of the Country


Robert Steelquist ’85, MES ’94

Notice of public lecture:
Robert Steelquist ’85, MES ’94,
Olympic Coast National Sanctuary Coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -NOAA..
Thursday, November 7, 2013 – 12:30 pm
Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington

For the past 19 years, Robert has been keeping tabs on the condition of Washington’s northwestern-most coastal area. Robert will share his findings and observations in his talk,  “Our Changing Ocean.”

A second Evergreen generation of Steelquists, Robert’s son Peter, matriculated this fall and is settled into a program focusing on eco-tourism with faculty member David Phillips. Robert reports that Pete is right at home in a community where he can “push around big ideas.”  Sounds like a Greener!

The Evergreen MIND asks: Are there multiple Greeners in your family?  Let us hear from you.

One thought on “Robert Steelquist: Tracking Climate Change from the Top of the Country

  1. This is an essential component of the Ecotourism and Adventure Travel program- learning about the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of different modes of travel, and the search for solutions. I really look forward to hearing Bob Steelquist’s perspectives during his visit.

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