Sauerkraut and Social Justice: It’s Got to be Evergreen


Just one month away, Return to Evergreen is ready to host alumni and community members with workshops, seminars, music, tours, and more.

No plans yet for October 19? Here’s a sneak preview of some of the things you will miss if you don’t attend this year’s Return to Evergreen:

The Revolution Will Not Be Pasteurized
ofA fermentation workshop with¬†Sash Sunday ’09 of OlyKraut,¬†Melissa Barker ’00, Organic Farm Instructional Technician and faculty member David Muehleisen. Come to the beautiful Organic Farmhouse to learn and practice the basics of making home-scale sauerkraut and hear the story of some of the trials, tribulations and tricks of starting and operating a small processed-food business.

Humor and Human Rights
Seriously? Is there a place for humor when we speak of human rights? Is there a place for lightheartedness in the face of atrocity? Jane Korman sparked controversy in 2010 when she posted on YouTube a video of her father, Adolek Kohn, dancing with his grandchildren at Auschwitz, Dachau, and the Lodz ghetto. Adolek Kohn survived the Holocaust; half a century later the family returned to Poland to dance to Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit “I Will Survive” (Some view the dance as a triumph, while others find it tasteless or worse.

This seminar will consider the conditions under which comedy and humor might have a role to play in the way we think about human rights. This counterintuitive approach should help us locate the limits of how “human rights” function as a legal concept, a moral language, and a cultural practice. We will watch a short film, discuss it, and explore how the language of human rights does or does not help us make sense of ethics, politics, and justice.

Evergreen Faculty Member Emerita Betty Kutter

Evergreen Faculty Member Emerita Betty Kutter

The (Phage) World Comes to Evergreen
Having just hosted the 20th Biennial Evergreen International Phage Meeting, with attendees from 37 countries, Evergreen Faculty Member Emerita Betty Kutter will highlight cutting-edge Phage applications in the areas of human health and food safety. The seemingly miraculous, bacteria-eating virus is sometimes called the “Tinker Toy” of biotechnology because it can be used in combination with other elements to effect seemingly impossible health benefits. Whether your are a former student of Betty’s or have never before heard of Phage, you’ll be amazed and inspired. Don’t miss this session.

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