The Evergreen Student Music Project is now online!

I’m excited to announce the launch of the new Evergreen Student Music Project website at
To celebrate the collaborative works of this 33 year old tradition, you can now listen, view and download all of the past albums for the first time.
Since 1980, the Evergreen Student Music Project has been an annual collaboration of student originated work that has been produced in a variety of formats such as vinyl, cassette tape, CD, and thumb drives. Selected Evergreen student musicians are recorded by the advanced multi-tracking class  every year. The annual project has been kept alive for the past 33 years with the support of Peter Randlette, Electronic Media Audio Interns, Terry Setter, Electronic Media staff, Student Activities, and various committed staff and students.
The site: is an online archive that provides playback, downloads, and amazing views into the history of the project.
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Multi-track Class of 1981

Zenaida Vergara
Audio IT Technician


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