Summer Has Come

Summer has come, healthy and free,

Whence the brown wood is bent to the ground:

The slender nimble deer leap,

And the path of seals is smooth.


The cuckoo sings gentle music,

Whence there is smooth peaceful calm:

Gentle birds skip upon the hill,

And swift grey stags.


Heat has laid hold of the rest of the deer –

The lovely cry of curly packs!

The white extent of the strand smiles,

There the swift sea is roused.


A sound of playful breezes in the tops

Of a black oakwood is Drum Daill,

The noble hornless herd runs,

To whom Cuan-wood is a shelter.


Green bursts out on every herb,

The top of the green oakwood is bushy,

Summer has come, winter has gone,

Twisted hollies wound the hound.


The blackbird sings a loud strain,

To him the live wood is a heritage,

The sad angry sea is fallen asleep,

The speckled salmon leaps.


The sun smiles over every land, —

A parting for me from the brood of cares:

Hounds bark, stags tryst,

Ravens flourish, summer has come!

— Anonymous, 10th century