Judy Cushing’s Home Page

mugShotI’ve been at Evergreen since 1983 teaching computer science and software engineering, before moving into ecology informatics (largely as a result of increasing research in that area). Prior to 1983, I worked as a software developer (IBM, TI, Cornell, UT Health Science Center (Dallas), Bordeaux France (Sciences), and two small startups (one of which was bought by American Express and another eventually by General Electric).  You can read more about my professional life by looking at a short cv curriculum vitae (resume).

Below are some url’s that say more about my work: Canopy Database Project, Other Research, Biodiversity and Ecology Informatics Workshop, Scientific & Statistics Database Mgmt Conference programCoChair 2011, Digital Government Society Conf.CoChair 2007 , ProgramCoChair 2005, 2006, NSF workshop for Western Region Computer Science Education

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I took a leave from Evergreen (1989-1992) to complete my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute, where I did work in scientific databases. Most of the faculty i worked with there have moved to Portland State University CS Dept.  In addition to the Ph.D., I have a B.A. in math and philosophy from The College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Va), and an M.A. in philosophy from Brown University (Providence, RI).