Since completing my Ph.D. in 1993, I have remained active in scientific database and digital government research communities (,   My research objectives are to improve information technology for scientists and natural resource managers, and to enable end-user programming for ecologists, but she has worked on scientific database projects ranging from medical, hospital, and epidemiological systems, to computational ab initio chemistry, molecular biology, and now ecology (

In terms of service to the research community, I have served as program and general co-chair for the digital government annual conference, and am currently a member of the board of the North American Digital Government Society and the IEEE Computers in Science and Engineering.  I have served on review panels for the National Science Foundation, and reviewed papers for a wide range of conferences and journals, including Ecological Informatics, the dg.o conference.

I have been PI or coPI on more than $4 million in research grants from the NSF and other agencies.