Language Lab Aides offer their services as tutors and conversation partners for anyone interested.

During the fall quarter of 2014, we will have tutoring available in the following languages:

Spanish: Mon 12-7, Tue 3-7, Wed 4-7, Thu 3-7, Fri 12-3, Sat 12-4

French: Mon 3:15-6, Wed 2-5, Thu 3:30-7:30

German: Wed 12-3

Japanese: Mon 12-4, Tue 12-3, Wed 3-6, Thu 12-3, Sat 12-4

Russian: Mon 4-6, Wed 2-4, Fri 2-4

Chinese: Tuesday 2-4, Thursday 2-4

If you would like to be a language lab aide and you have advanced language skills and a work/study award from financial aid, then be sure to apply. Contact Diego de Acosta: deacostd@evergreen.edu

Don’t see your language? If you don’t see the language you want to work on listed here, remember that you can set up your own tutoring times and conversation groups by posting your info under the collaboration tab.┬áIn order to attract others, please tag your comment with the language(s) you are seeking.



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