BBC French

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has various resources to improve your French skills.  Videos that load through the BBC iPlayer may not be available to use outside of the UK.  Until a pay service is offered, you will have to find another way.  Some options to research:  purchasing access to a virtual private network located in the UK; proxy servers within the UK that will provide video access; TOR (The Onion Router – most difficult).

El País

El País is an online version of a daily newspaper that covers a very broad range of issues. It is a great resource for anybody studying media, international politics, Spanish culture, or contemporary Spanish language.


Russnet provides a variety of resources on the culture and language of Russia from Ivan the Terrible to Stalin in the format of learning modules.  These are free with registration which requires the installation of a Cyrillic font provided on the website.  Users must be able to read and type in Cyrillic.  Once registered many different modules are available (in RealPlayer format) to help students learn the Russian language in the context of a lesson about history, culture, or even business.