Language Lab

at The Evergreen State College


The language lab remains open over the summer whenever the library is open, but student tutors will be on break until September. Come check out our language tutors in the fall!

Spring quarter

The language lab opens for regular tutoring hours on Wednesday, April 5. Come check us out!

Winter quarter

The language lab will re-open for regular tutoring hours on Wednesday, January 11. Be sure to check out our tutoring schedule under the Tutoring tab.

Winter break

The language lab is closed for tutoring during evaluation week and winter break. We’ll reopen during week 1 of winter quarter.

Fall 2016

The language lab is now open! Please stop by for tutoring, conversation, or language self-study.

Spring 2016

The lab is now open for spring quarter! Consult the tutoring tab to find out when our tutors are available.

Winter 2016

The language lab will be open for tutoring hours starting on Wednesday, January 6. Check out the schedule under the “tutoring” tab.

Upcoming lab closures

The language lab will not be open for tutoring during eval week or winter break. Tutoring hours will resume starting week 1 of winter quarter.

Fall 2015

The language lab is open for fall quarter!

Summer 2015

Tutoring hours are over for the 2014-15 academic year. We’ll resume operations in the fall, so check back soon!

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